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Our Mission

 Our mission is "to provide the highest quality of medical equipment, excellence in patient care, and education in an environment that is respectful of others, adaptive to change, and accountable for outcomes."  We set the standard for customer care in the industry and vow to service the needs of our local community.

We make house calls to every patient that is referred to us for intake,
delivery and follow-up!

About Us

Zylstra Medical Supply is a full service Durable Medical Equipment founded with the goal of improving quality of life. We are a company offering a wide range of medical equipment to a broad range of prospective patients with issues included but not limited to arthritis, diabetes, and mobility.


Why Zylstra Medical Supply?

  • HQAA Accredited 
  • Medicare B PROVIDER
  • Our products help you...
    - Limit reliance on pain medication
    - Maintain your Independence  
  • 24 hour Emergency line 
  • Customer service is our passion

What Do We Offer?

We offer solutions for pain management, diabetic footwear, contracture splints, mobility options and more including; Assistive devices, Bathroom Safety Supplies, Splinting, Bracing, Hospital Beds, Support Surfaces, Wheel Chairs, compression Garments, Diabetic Shoes, Catheters, and many other products.

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While we make house calls with all of our patients, our retail store/warehouse has a large array of bathroom safety items as well as a full line of compression stockings, diabetic supplies, braces, splints and jot supports all the way up to lift chairs and mobility devices.

1998 44th St SE, Kentwood, MI 49508

Office: 616-827-9290 | Cell: 616-337-9038 | Fax: 888-700-8178


We make house calls to every patient that is referred to us for intake, delivery and follow-up!


 Zylstra Medical Supply, Inc. is fully accredited by Healthcare -Quality Association on Accreditation located in Waterloo, IA. For more information please contact HQAA directly at 877-801-0495.